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Wolf’s Milk Slime  (Toothpaste Slime)
Fruiting bodies (scientifically named aethalia) of the plasmodial slime mold Lycogala epidendrum are quite distinctive by its little, round, reddish pink balls, which exude a pinkish orange paste when popped. This cosmopolitan slime mold grows in groups on dead wood, especially large logs. 
[Mycetozoa - Myxomycetes - Liceales - Tubiferaceae - Lycogala - Lycogala epidendrum (L.) Fr., 1829]
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Photo credit: ©MaKeR i | Locality: unknown
apple-cart: what is girls secret ????

not for boys to know !


戸村浩 - 基本形態の構造 立方体はブドウ酒の味がする(美術出版社) [1974]

Nana’s unreleased HIGH CUT vol.127 photo (2)
apple-cart: Does bear like postmen and visitors?_

bear is shy until u get to know him 

i.e. supply him with snacks and belly rubs

then he’s anyone’s best friend


【かわいい】日本一の頂きをひとり占めできちゃう! 雪化粧の富士山が作れる製氷器「FUJI ON THE ROCK」がステキ!!! | Pouch[ポーチ]